Smart Track designs and develops safety and security systems for workers during emergencies in complex environments.

Smart Track is an innovative startup and spinoff of the University of Genoa.

Our awards

Smart Track was founded by Ing. Saverio Pagano, Ing. Simone Peirani and Prof. Ing. Maurizio Valle with a consolidated Know How in the design of dedicated electronic systems and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN).

Smart Track S.R.L was the winner of the SMARTcup Liguria 2014.

Smart Track S.R.L. was the winner of the Special Awards of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa and Savona combined with the competition SMARTcup Liguria 2014.

Smart Track S.R.L. was the finalist at the National Innovation Award organized by PNI Cube, the Association of Incubators of Italian Universities.

Smart track S.R.L was the testimonial of Liguria Region at CPExpo 2014 – The global expo-conference on Community Protection.

Smart Track S.R.L was the winner of the R & I Foundation Innovation and Innovation Development Program (members: Leonardo, Fincantieri, Telecom, Siemens, Intesa SanPaolo, IIT)


Ing. Saverio Pagano
Chief Executive Officer
Ing. Simone Peirani
Chief Technical Officer
Prof. Ing. Maurizio Valle
Research and Technological Development
Ing. Alessandro Cortese
Sviluppatore software

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